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Bring stories to life.

What Clients Say

"The final product was exactly what I was looking for and the road to reaching it was smooth, friendly, positive, and professional. This guy deserves all the kudos he gets! Thank you for helping our project come to life."

-VO Client (Chicago, IL, USA)

Headshots, BTS, & Candids

Check out my portfolio of work!

Voiceover Demos & Samples

Stu Ford VO Video Game Character Samples
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Stu Ford VO Animation Samples
00:00 / 01:00
Stu Ford VO Commercial Demo
00:00 / 01:00
Stu Ford VO Narration Samples
00:00 / 00:58
Stu Ford VO Creature Samples
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How do you make your characters feel more alive? How do I make my eLearning more engaging?

One major aspect of characters that "feel more alive" and engaging eLearning and online courses is... professional voiceovers. Creating engaging content requires you to connect with your audience. Expressive and professional voice acting does this and that's exactly what I'm trained to do.


As a seasoned actor with broad life experience including humanitarian relief, I feel the emotion of the script. This gives my voice a genuine tone. Let me help you tell the story you are trying to tell. Read what others have said about working with me.


My voice over is a great fit for the list below. If you want me to voice something outside this I would be more than happy to explore that possibility.

  • Commercial

  • Video Games eLearning

  • Narration

  • Mobile apps

  • Audiobooks



Check out my social media accounts where I produce and participate in various voice talent challenges such as the Character Voices 1-Day Challenge.

Source-Connect ready!

Find out if I'm a good fit for you with a free VO demo for your project!

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