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The Play that Goes Wrong - Inspector Carter (credit: Doug Estok)


Get to know me and you'll see I have a big presence. I'm tall with a strange blend of goofy and badass tones... but I also have tendencies to be a giant teddy bear. However, my acting range goes even further beyond. I made my start as an actor on the theatrical stage, but can now be seen on the screen.

Take some time to explore some notable performances below.

A Little Glass of Rum

Film (Psychological Thriller) | IMDb

After the murder of his wife and son, a prison guard requests to dine with the killer for his last meal.

Rooster International Film Festival 2022: Best Actor

Slow Drift Film Festival: Winner 2023

LA Independent Women Film Awards: Best Student Film

Sin City Festival: Winner 2022

" Pokémon Legends: Arceus" | Snack Attack!

Commercial/New Media

What happens when you’re hosting a cooking contest but Munchlax is lurking nearby?


It’s Pokémon, but not as you know it!

Stu Ford's acting resume
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